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Source of photo galleries - one

Racing Horses  (2008)

Woudagemaal  (2009)

Metal view (2011)

Halal (2009)

Tourist XXXperience (2009)

Louise (2011)

Vatican Spirit (2010)

Orphans (single shots)

Source of more photo galleries - two


Orange in Bern (2008)

Fish-eye on Paris (2011)

Metal View 2 (2011)

Cows in the Wild (2009)

Zoo (2008)

Fair (2007)

Tacky Attic Marseiile (2015)

Dead for the Tourists (2009)

Source of more photo galleries - three


Skating (2007)

Museum (2008)

Le Metro (2009)

Wide Eiffel (2010)

Parkours (2009)

Parade (2009)

Antwerp CS (2008)

Man with hat (2009)

Source of more photo galleries - four


Boston square (2008)

Construction war zone (2011)

Do it yourself! (2011)

Just flowers (2011)

Fixing time (2011)

God left the Building (2011)

The Gift (2008)

Source of more photo galleries - Photophile Press


Love is not a sin (2010)

Royal Past  (2011)

Facing the AutoRai (2011)

Art in Protest (2011)

Teachers in protest (2012)

Per Kirkeby in Brussels (2012)

Mirrors and Bargains (2012)

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Photophile: a.,n. (organism) loving light


Ruben Koerhuis has been taking photographs all his life.

He was educated at various schools, including the School of Visual Arts in New York. A videographer in daily life, Koerhuis has only recently felt the desire to exhibit his personal photographic works publicly.


Koerhuis approaches his image making as a way to tell a story. His photographic series are an in-depth view to his subject matter, each grouping reveals the essence of the topic, and the singular images therein stand alone as powerful insights. Koerhuis offers an objective view into what he points his camera at, and leaves the viewer to opportunity to explore the subject matter on his own.


The portfolios exhibited on this website were created starting in 2007.




Ruben Koerhuis

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The Netherlands


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